Our vision is to create tech companies that provide a software based product to make businesses more effective, cheap and easy. We aim to provide high end software that can be used by many businesses at the same time. We started in 2016 with two ventures: melon.ai and Watermelon Messenger. Watermelon started as a company that made it possible to add Whatsapp to your customer support. It was the most wanted product in the market because of the lack of an official API.

Watermelon grew rapidly, but went bankrupt in July of 2016 following technical and juridicial pressure that came from Silicon Valley. In August 2016 Watermelon Ventures was founded in order to build strong software companies and help them with the mistakes we’ve made.

Our Advantage

Watermelon Ventures is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals, led by a young, ambitious entrepreneur.
Together they invest their time, money, and experiences in our Ventures.


You have to be creative to stand out. Our creativity drives us to get a different output than other StartUps.


We see the lack of effectivity in most StartUps. Our focus is on creating effective companies that provide software to make your business process faster, easier and cheaper.


We’re a young company that only works with young entrepreneurs who have a major drive. Just like ourselves.

Skilled Entrepreneurs

A handful of skilled entrepreneurs helps Watermelon Ventures with rapid, sustainable growth. With their experience and the ambition of our CEO we can make a huge difference in tech.

Our 2 Years Business History